Artifact Donation

The NCMDTM is grateful for the many donation inquiries we receive. Regrettably, we cannot accept every item that is offered to us. Because space and staff time is limited, objects proposed for donation are reviewed by the NCMDTM Collections Committee before being accepted.

When does the NCMDTM consider donations?

The NCMDTM considers donations year-round, with some periods of hiatus surrounding significant events and projects at the museum. Please contact the museum to confirm that we are currently accepting donations.

How does the NCMDTM decide what to accept?

The NCMDTM Collections Committee accepts objects that meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • The object fills a void in our current collection.
  • The object has an interesting provenance or story.
  • The object is very unique or rare.
  • The object is in excellent display condition.
  • The object is being donated with the intent for it to be used for fundraising or event

How can I submit my object for review?

The NCMDTM is unable to review objects in person. Please contact us by email for objects to be reviewed. Include your contact information, any history you have about the object and its original owners, and photographs of the object showing all sides of the object and any maker’s marks.

Can the NCMDTM appraise my object?

Due to ethical concerns, the NCMDTM does not conduct appraisals on any items being donated to the museum. Visit the International Society of Appraisers at to find resources regarding appraisers.